Condo Security Management System

Our Condo Security Management System is composed of the following:

  1. Security System
  2. Access control System
  3. Biometric System
  4. ID System

This online security management system will enable the user to monitor all visitors, tenants, unit owners and their activities. The online system can be access anywhere using laptops, desktops android phones or any gadget with online connection.


The system is also capable of creating profiles for all users and administrators. For extra security administrators can create serial coded or bar coded profile which will be given to tenants as their identification key. Said identification key (IDKEY) can be scanned using any bar code scanner or administrator can manually encode identification key for any form of verificationsuch as unit no. full name, monthly payment and more.Online request forms can be created for visitor’s scheduled events and activities. Administrators can control and provide access to the public and all concerns users.



Web and Application Elements

3 gig Web hosting

Subscription & Technical support 

Domain name (free as long as subscribe)

Unlimited email generation(ex. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Software support (server)    

Maintenance and Database Update

Module update and patches

Component and version update

Weekly Full site backups

Special Considerations: 5 extra pages free

Special Considerations: unlimited Text and image change

Security updates and patchesagainst all forms of hacking (hackers), exploits and intrusions

Security: Malicious IP monitoring and blocking   

         Security: Hotlink protection and leech protection

         Emails: Responders, auto forwarders

         Migration and additional hosting is subject to separate quotation


End User or Clients Capabilities

                     Tenant/Unit Owner/User Viewing Capability:      

                     Search / check / filter database using bar-coded / serial coded data (user if). Serial


                     Code shall be individually generated for each user profile

                     Bar code data can be attached to ids, phone, stickers or even email.

                     View profiles by entering bar coded data using any form of scanner or manual

                     Input or encoding viewable on any pc, terminal, android phone with internet

                     Visitor request form

                     View no. of tenant per units

                     View Tenant Basic profile

                                 Photo (3 angles) with full body

                                 Basic facial features tags

                      Date of occupancy and expiration

                                 Monthly Rental

                                 Work / other related information

                                 Name, birthday, original home address

                                 Other basic information

                                 Tenant info

                                             Tenant name

                                             Tenant address

                                             Tenant contact details

                                             Payment type: cash/card                 

                     Member internal messaging

         Email notification to approving parties





Admin Functions and Access

User id or bar code id creation

Serial no Encoding

Tenant details encoding

Access capability of main database

Creation, Deletion and Editing of database

Report Generation and Posting      

Data Encoding, approval and processing

Viral function for Data (print and email)

CSV Export

Email Notification creation, deletion and modification

Internal system messaging, creation, deletion and modification          



Access Control List Configuration


Create groups (Public, Registered, Manager, Administrator, and Super-Administrator)

Users & Groups

A User can be assigned to multiple groups

Access Levels

Access Levels (Public, Registered, Special)

Tenants can be public

Access Levels & Groups

Provide specific manageability. Administrators could also have specific capabilities such as approve articles and the others is to approve photos

Netpod shall provide a very flexible Access Control List, with unlimited Groups and Access Levels, and the ability to assign one User to multiple Groups and any Groups to any Access Level.


Different ACL for Viewing and Doing

Netpod will customize the Access control list system into two completely separate systems. One system controls what things on the site users can view. The other controls what things users cando (what actions a user can take). The ACL for each is set up differently and customized based on the clients requirements

Provide Control for What Users Can See

Controlling what users can see is done as follows:

  1. Create the different User Groups required for the site. Each Group can be thought of as a role that a user will have for the site. Keep in mind that one User can be a member of one or more Groups. If desired, groups can have parent groups. In this case, they automatically inherit the Access Levels of the parent group.
  2. Create the set of Access Levels required for the site. This could be a small number or a large number depending on the number of different groups and how many categories of items there are. Assign each Access Level to one or more of the User Groups created for the groups on the first customization...
  3. Assign each item to be viewed to one Access Level based on the requirements. Items include content items (articles, contacts, images, data, price and so on), menu items, and modules.

Any time a user is about to view an item on the online Data management Site, the program checks whether the user has access to the item, as follows:

  1. Creates a list of all the Access Levels that the User has access to, based on all Groups that the User belongs to. Also, if a group has a parent group, access levels for the parent group are also included in the list.
  2. Checks whether the Access Level for the item (article, image, menu item for commission, discounts and so on) is on that list. If yes, then the item is displayed to the user. If no, then the item is not displayed.

Controlling What Users Can Do 

Netpod will provide control or permissions on actions based on what users can do -- what actions they can take on a given item (example: edit, publish, add image).  Permissions will also be set up at the core capabilities such as database access, gallery access delete and edit.

When a user wants to initiate a specific action against a component item (for example, edit an article), the system checks the permission for this combination of user, item, and action. If it is allowed, then the user can proceed. Otherwise, the action is not allowed.

Provide Seminars and Training to all concerned

         Data management

Data Editing and submission

On line registration and Account creation 

Condo Security Management System Specifications

1 ( One ) Domain Only

We Provide Everything For You To Concentrate On What You Do Best !

  • Disk Space Starts at 3 GB
  • Unlimited Pages and Sections ( News , Events, Photo Gallery )
  • Free Slide Show
  • Free Website and Website Maintenance
  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fully Customized Original Templates, Responsive Web Design (RWD) Optimal Viewing and easy navigation for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop 
  • Viral Component ( Link to FB, Twitter, Google +) Easy sharing Compatible
  • Free Website Updates
  • Dedicated Account Specialist for Replies and Assistance
  • Database Management
  • 1 Online Form
  • and more...